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electronic digital lock gun rifle storage cabinet box(night lock)
  • YL-GS-D gun safe 

    1.Material:steel powder coated  2.Thickness:from 1.5mm-3mm



    1450*350*250mm /5gun 




    including 1 lock ,with 3 lock points, with rug,with gunstocks for  holes, 4 screw..with clapboard in door back.with coded lock.

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  • Guns are one of the primary targets of thieves and thieves, but you can lock them in YOOBOX's gun safe to protect them. Approximately 190,000 guns are stolen every year, and thousands of accidents occur when guns are handled by people who are not trained and authorized to use them. There are several different types of gun safes to choose from, but the one that suits you best depends on your specific situation. Portable firearm safes are great for traveling or when you only have a pistol, many of which incorporate the function of quick access to the firearm safe so that you can get the firearm in an emergency.