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Mailbox & Mailbox reduced price


Yep, we need a new mailbox now that we are renovating the entire front page. The green ugly thing that was there when we moved in is thus fired and a new nice mailbox will be in place.Yes I know, I'm a little ahead of my time now. First, the townhouse must be washed, repainted and the fence must be set up - THEN a new mailbox must be set up. But I have enjoyed looking on the internet at what the supply of mailboxes looks like. Hm ... We had imagined a large standing white mailbox and it turned out to be a pretty poor supply of it actually.The first one I found and got hooked on comes from BIGGI.  I like that you can choose to have the opening door at the front or back. Stylish, modern and stylish mailbox!But then I also found yoobox which they also manufacture in Sweden and the price also included any sign / text / design on the front of the mailbox - fun and nice! At first I thought of a whole standing white mailbox but then my husband came home and came up with radical suggestions such as instead maybe choose gray or black and maybe even the one that does not go all the way down to the ground !!! So like the red one below !!! What an instigator my husband is ... = DI actually think it will be one like the red one because then you can plant flowers underneath and around the mailbox that nicely extends up to the mailbox - nice! The color, however, I'm not quite as convinced though. Easier to see when we have decided on the color of the fence and it is also in place.Bauhaus had a lot at a lower price. Does it reflect quality belief? Not because I think the mailbox is super important on our terraced house plot, but it is also not fun to buy any rubbish that after only a few years turns out to be rusty, shaky and lose its color ... It should be nice, functional and proper quality. As I said, I think I / we have decided on the mailbox from yoobox, but we'll see.

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