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    • One of favorite Parcel drop boxes for 2022

    • The aesthetically pleasing wins our Best Curb Appeal recognition. This parcel drop box can be ordered in white, black, or gray. Its design has been carefully thought through with features including a built-in "No Deliveries" indicator, the ability to be bolted securely to the ground, and has an outgoing partition for package pick ups by carriers. A sign is also included which can be hung above the box helping carriers see where you would like your deliveries to go. Carriers can deliver your packages through a large rotating drum which will then drop down a shoot to a soft, secure, foam landing area for pickup. It's clear that Yoobox Mailboxes really thought this box through, and that's why it's one of Yoobox favorite package drop boxes for 2022. 

    • Home Stainless Steel Outdoor Delivery Parcel Lockable, Mail Drop Box, drop box Parcel mailbox. YOOBOX BG 005 is a spacious parcel mailbox with a large letter box on the front. Receives packages even when you are not at home.