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    • How To Install A Mailbox On An Existing Metal Post

    • Your work is halfway done if you have an existing mailbox post without a mailbox on it. All that you need to do is purchase a mailbox and pole bracket kit to mount a mailbox on the existing post. Whether it is a wood or metal post, let’s take a look at how you can easily install a mailbox.

      1. Gather Your Materials

      When getting your materials together for this job, you will need a few tools and some pieces of hardware. Aside from the mailbox, you will need to purchase a mounting bracket for your existing metal pole. Ensure that the bracket you get fits with the type of metal post you have since there are few different varieties. If you purchase a kit, it should come with any necessary screws and instructions for that specific bracket.

      Once you have the mailbox and bracket, you will need your tools. The main tools you will want for this job are a drill and a screwdriver or powered screw gun. You may also want a pencil or marker to mark spots for drilling if necessary. Finally, don't forget any essential safety equipment.

      2. Find The Best Placement For The Mailbox

      This step should be easy regardless of what kind of metal post you are installing your mailbox on. All you need to do is set the mailbox loosely on the post to determine the best placement. Do this before you do any drilling to make sure it will be properly centered on the post. Use a pencil or marker to help remember the exact placement if necessary.

    • 3. Place The Bracket Onto The Post

      After determining the best placement for your new mailbox, it's time to install the bracket. There are a couple of different kinds of brackets, so depending on which one you have purchased, you either install it onto the post or the mailbox first.

      Regardless of which kind you are dealing with, make sure to follow the directions included either with the bracket kit or the mailbox. Since there are so many different kinds of mailboxes, the instructions are important for this project.

      4. Attach Your Mailbox To The Bracket

      The final step is to put everything together. Use the screws provided along with your screw gun to attach the mailbox to the bracket or brackets. Then, make sure that it is firmly attached to the post if the bracket wasn't previously installed.

      Since you are installing on an existing post, there may be existing holes for the screws on the post. However, they may be incorrect for the type of mailbox you purchased. Whether that's the case or there weren't any holes at all, you can use your drill to make the necessary holes.

    • Conclusion
      That's it for the extensive comments section and mailbox guide. I hope we were able to give you a detailed look at the different types and mechanisms of standard mailboxes, and that this was a useful read for you.???

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