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  • Quality steel mailboxes

    Today, not a single private house, apartment or office building can do without the use of mailboxes. Such equipment from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers is offered by our company at affordable prices. In this catalog you can find individual, vertical and horizontal models that differ in their design, type of locking element and anti-vandal characteristics.

    Right choice steel mailboxes

    They are installed in townhouses, entrances of apartment buildings, business centers, cottage settlements and office premises. Such equipment is used to store various documents and letters. When choosing a specific model, it is necessary to determine the features of its operation and the desired dimensions. The latter depends on the type of correspondence and the mode of use of the box. It is also necessary to take into account how and where such equipment will be mounted, which will make it possible to make the right choice, fully corresponding to the features of future operation.

    Street steel mailboxes

    They are intended for outdoor installation, are made with anti-vandal design, are distinguished by a reliable durable lock and are made of high-quality steel with an anti-corrosion coating. For many years, such a metal structure, installed in the open air, will retain its original appearance.

    The best outdoor models will have excellent maintainability, they do not have sharp corners and are safe for users, they can be performed in a modular or free-standing design. The presence of a high-quality powder coating allows not only to prevent the appearance of rust, but also retains the brightness of the colors and the original appearance for a long time.

    Outdoor mailboxes in Waukesha Wisconsin USA

    We will offer to custom high-quality and inexpensive mailboxes in the city of Waukesha Wisconsin. Petersburg. In our catalog you can find various models that are designed for an office, private or apartment building. Thanks to the available choice, you can choose the best option that will fully suit the client's requirements. We offer affordable prices and quality guarantees for the products we sell.