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    • Personal outdoor metal mailboxes

    • One of the first criteria used for the classification of community of owners mailboxes is whether they are made to be placed inside or outside .

      Outdoor mailboxes (although they are also valid for placement inside communities), must meet several requirements:

      They have a cover on the front mouth of the mailbox that protects its interior , a visor that isolates the body of the mailbox from the outside.

      They can be placed inside as well as outside of homes , protected with an envelope around them or built into the wall.

      This class of mailboxes are made of corrosion - resistant materials : aluminum , stainless steel , galvanized steel or electro - galvanized sheet steel . In any case, it is always recommended to install mailboxes in covered places or sheltered from the rain; If this is not possible, the best option when installing a mailbox outside is to choose aluminum as it is the material with the highest anti-corrosion resistance.

      Mailboxes that have a resistance to water penetration : they must be prepared for installation in coastal, industrial or high humidity areas . The European Standard UNE EN 13724 says that outdoor mailboxes must pass a rain test in which, for 10 minutes, the mailboxes are exposed to a flow of water of 16 liters and the volume of water penetrated must not exceed 1 cubic cm .

      They are anti- vandal mailboxes : They provide security against theft, including a security ramp at the mouth of the anti-theft mailbox , which makes it difficult for the hand to enter through the mouth. Sloped up for horizontal mailboxes and down for vertical mailboxes.


      Grouped outdoor mailboxes are mailboxes with a horizontal format in which their depth can vary from 25 to 38 cm. They allow a large number of mailboxes to be grouped together occupying a small area . They can be installed in 3 ways:

      Embedded in the wall – Inside a hole and with a complement of perimeter flashings to match the mailboxes, it makes the union of mailboxes and the wall more harmonious.

      Fixed to the wall – Mailboxes with a surround around 5 pieces to make the grouping completely watertight, and hung from the wall on which they are installed.

      With supports to the ground – Mailboxes that also have the envelope around 5 pieces and the grouping of mailboxes is installed with some supports screwed or buried in the ground.


      Individual outdoor mailboxes meet all the watertightness , anti- vandal and anti- corrosion requirements , they are designed to be placed in single- family homes . Its installation is always with fixing to the wall , simply screwed to it.


      Multi-domiciliary concentrated mailboxes are designed to be placed in isolated homes or scattered environments , environments with high construction development and low population density, gated communities, markets, ...

      They are usually groups of 24, 36 or 48 mailboxes whose main characteristic is their opening centralized that facilitates the introduction of correspondence to the postman . The individual mailboxes do not have a mailbox mouth, so they are ideal for those communities of owners who want to avoid the distribution of unwanted advertising.

      They are made of materials that are highly resistant to corrosion and are totally watertight.

      Its installation can be carried out in the same ways as grouped outdoor mailboxes, either built into the wall , hung or with a pair of lateral supports on the ground .


      Double access outdoor mailboxes are characterized by having a front mouth cover through which the postman introduces the correspondence and a door on the opposite side for the removal of the mail.

      The double - sided mailboxes allow correspondence to be deposited from the outside of the building and picked up from the inside , thus preventing the entry of people outside the community of owners . Made of corrosion resistant materials: stainless steel, aluminium, electrogalvanized steel and galvanized steel.