Metal mailboxes & Parcel boxes Manufacturer | YOOBOX
  • YOOBOX Mailboxes company offers its clients the designs of parcel delivery boxes at the California market. 

    parcel boxes description

    You are often not at home during the day and still want to receive your parcels and larger mail items safely and securely?

    Then this parcel box is the perfect solution.

    The parcel carrier simply places your shipments in the tipping compartment, closes it again and parcels, parcels, consignments of goods etc. fall into the interior. They'll stay safe and dry there until you get home. Then you can take your shipments out of the parcel box using the removal compartment.

    The parcel box can either be attached to the wall or to the floor. The necessary fastening material is included in the scope of delivery.

    Delivery boxes product information

    made of sheet steel

    high quality powder coating

    for dowelling

    high quality roof profile, light pyramid roof for optimal rain protection

    with drop flap

    for the removal of thrown parcels

    safe removal due to special lid mechanism

    extra spacious bottom compartment

    large throw-in lid

    massive, high quality and stable lock with dust protection flap

    Installation advice in California

    1. If possible, look for a place where you can mount your mailbox, protected from the weather.

    2. Mark the necessary holes.

    3. Drill the holes for the dowels.

    4. Push the dowels all the way into the holes.

    5. Assemble the mailbox. Please be sure to use the spacers to ensure that the mailbox can be opened properly. The spacers used may give the impression that the screws are not tightened enough. During assembly, please make sure that you do not compress the spacers too much, otherwise the mailbox cannot be opened properly. If this is the case, please loosen the screws a little.