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  • ITEM: BG 009

    Material:sheet with powder coating

    Packing:plastic bag +carton

    Product size: 800*440x340mm

    Packing size:850*490*390mm/1pcs

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  • Specification
  • The Outdoor Galvanized Steel metal fence storage parcel package delivery drop box.Once deposited, the device prevents them from being removed without authorization.

    Packages can be deposited. If the storage space of the box is large enough, several packages can be placed inside. The recipient has two keys and can thus remove the load from the box - packages can only be removed using the key thus ensuring protection against unwanted access.

    We recommend using the supplied mounting equipment to make the box assembly process as quick and easy as possible. Made of galvanized steel, the package box is anti-theft and protects your packages from the effects of weather and dirt. The box opens easily due to its cylindrical closure. 2 keys are included in the delivery.Product size800*440x340mm,Packing size 850*490*390mm.