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  • Stable construction galvanized steel parcel box

    The parcel box is made entirely of galvanized steel and is also sturdy laser-welded. With the starched base, you can safely leave your parcel alone for a few days.

    The secure parcel box door of the galvanized parcel box

    The boltwork is corrosion-resistant and provides the necessary security with a robust locking mechanism and stable hinges. When the door is opened, the built-in stop by means of a stop bar makes it easier to remove your parcels. The spacious design may tempt some children to play. If the worst comes to the worst, however, the parcel box has a safe emergency opening option with which the door can also be opened from the inside. The door latch function, on the other hand, prevents unintentional opening from the outside.

    Lots of volume for large packages parcel box

    With its spacious depth, galvanized steel parcelbox offers a lot of space for your parcels and keeps them safe until they are removed. The practical reception box is available in six sizes. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a smaller model or a larger version with an additional built-in mailbox for double use.

    The properties of the galvanized parcel boxes

    Parcel box with depot function

    Lots of volume

    Door latch to prevent unintentional opening

    High-strength laser welding

    For wall mounting or expandable with a stand for free placement