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gun rifle storage safe box , different size for 3 ,5 ,6 ,7, 10 guns, with 1 machanical lock(password lock with handle)
  • YL-GS-D gun safe 

    1.Material:steel powder coated  2.Thickness:from 1.5mm-3mm


    1450*350*250mm /5gun 




    including 1 handle ,with 5 lock points, with rug,with gunstocks for  holes, 4 screw..with clapboard in door back.with coded lock.

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  • Weapons are both dangerous and a great find for burglars and thieves, therefore you must always make sure that your weapons do not fall into the hands of burglars, thieves and other unauthorised people, e.g. your children and teenagers.

    yoobox offers a wide range of different sized gun safes with fittings for storage of rifles, guns, and firearm accessories for layman and professionals. We hope you'll find what you need, and for citizens outside of Sweden we are happy to discuss the appropriate solutions for your weapon storage with you. Just reach out to us through mail or telephone.