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gun rifle storage safe cabinet,with 1 machanical lock and 1 handle (meahnical lock with handle)
  • YL-GS-D gun safe 

    1.Material:steel powder coated  2.Thickness:from 1.5mm-3mm



    1450*350*250mm /5gun 




    including 1 handle ,with 5 lock points, with rug,with gunstocks for  holes, 4 screw..with clapboard in door back.with coded lock.

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  • Specification
  • what is a Gun Safe?

    This type of cabinet is specially created for the vertical storage of long weapons , such as: rifles and rifles . Decisive factors in choosing the wardrobe are, depending on the need, the level of security , the number of weapons and the type of closure.           

    The Gun Safe is a  sturdy steel storage space specially designed to keep ammunition and firearms safe.      

    Please note that responsible and proper handling of rifles , pistols and ammunition is always important; this is the only way to prevent unwanted events.