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  • Wall Mounted Cigarette Bin

    ITEM: Yoobox ashtray 0004-S

    Material:Stailness steel, weight 5.4/7.4kg

    Packing: piece/plastic bag/white box Inner Box with Export Carton

    Product size: 260*110*285

    Packing size: 500*290*310


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  • Specification
  • Wall ashtray stainless steel

    The modern wall ashtray is a  robust ashtray in stainless steel and easy to attach to the wall. Made of stainless steel, this ashtray is a perfect solution for keeping your entrance or smoking area clean, for example in the office, association, catering facility or school. The wall ashtray is fireproof and very suitable for outdoor use. The  wall ashtray is also available in a 2 color gray  powder coated version. In the webshop you will always find an ashtray that suits your wishes for the disposal of cigarette butts and cigar butts.

    Inner container with a capacity of 3 liters

    The inner container has a capacity of 3 liters and is hooked onto the inside of the ashtray. The inner bin is made of dark gray powder-coated steel and has a handle so that the wall ashtray is easy to empty. The ashtray is closed with a triangular lock and comes with key and mounting material.