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Ashtray Box
  • Ashtray Box

    Production Size:330*150*70mm

    Packing Size:360*340*420mm/10pcs

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  • Specification
  • black metal outdoor Wall mounted ashtray

    The wall smoking point also known as metal outdoor  wall ashtray is a very solid ash tray for easy wall mounting.

    Made of galvanized steel, this ashtray is a perfect solution for keeping your entrance or  smoking area clean, 

    for example in the office, association, catering facility or school.

    Wall smoking point with shelter

    The wall smoking point is weather resistant and equipped with 2 front openings to dispose of cigarettes or ashes,

     because of the lack of oxygen cigarettes will quickly extinguish. The wall ashtray is  lockable at the front with a 

    universal key and has a spacious collection tray, after opening the galvanized wall ashtray it is a piece of cake to 

    empty the ashtray. Because of the shelter and an integrated extinguishing plate, the cigarette butts remain dry and 

    your entrance remains clean.