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50 digit electron safe box
  • Digit electron safe box 


    lock:Mechanical lock

    Material:steel powder coating

    Packing:plastic bag +carton

    Product size: 310*200*200mm

    Packing size: 330*220*230mm

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  • Specification
  • Value safes can be seen as an umbrella term for a multitude of differently built safes, with or without Burglary and/or Fire rated protection, in numerous of combinations of sizes, colours, and locking systems (with basic key locking, to keypad code locks, or both).

     Since there is a great variety in the builds, and potential burglary ratings of value safes there is also a great difference in which values it is reasonable to store in the various safes.

    There is many medium cost burglary (and/or fire) rated safes that aren't necessarily much more expensive then some of our sturdier low cost safes, so we ought you to take a look at those too before you decide which safes will suit your budget, storage and security needs the best.


A: what material for safe boxes?

Q: galvanized steel powder coating

A: what delivery for order?

Q: Delivery day 25 day for a container

A: what advantage for YOOBOX product ?

Q: we use plastic powder adopts outdoor environmental protection formula. Not easy to discolor and fall off outdoors, Waterproof and anti-theft。

A: Product accessories include:

Q: ,password lock ,assembly screws .

A: what certification for factory?