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safe box electron
  • fingerprint safe box electron


    print lock

    Material:steel powder coating

    Packing:plastic bag +carton

    Product size: 310*200*200

    Packing size: 350*250*250mm

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  • Specification
  • At Yoobox there is a safe suitable in different versions for almost every need. The safe you are looking for is definitely here.

    The furniture safe , for example, is an attractive, space-saving option because this type of safe is integrated into a piece of furniture. For example, inside cabinets, desks or cabinets. If the safe is properly anchored inside or on the furniture itself, forced removal is almost impossible. The thief should take the whole piece of furniture with him.


A: what material for safe boxes?

Q: galvanized steel powder coating

A: what delivery for order?

Q: Delivery day 25 day for a container

A: what advantage for YOOBOX product ?

Q: we use plastic powder adopts outdoor environmental protection formula. Not easy to discolor and fall off outdoors, Waterproof and anti-theft。

A: Product accessories include:

Q: ,password lock ,assembly screws .

A: what certification for factory?