• Key Box

    ITEM: Yoobox key010 C

    Material:steel powder coating wit glass

    Packing:Plastic bag with pleastic bags with Export Carton

    Product size: 250*250*120MM

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  • Specification
  • Your keys are like gold for thieves since they open your facilities, and safes and can be used for  swift and silent theft of your vehicles.

    Warning! Many tend to leave their keys on tables, or in non-lockable key cabinets just inside your entrance door, and that is of course a very bad idea since it opens up for not only fast break-ins and steeling of keys, but also silent and swift theft of keys even when you are home and distracted by e.g. your TV or radio.

    Vast range for all your key-related needs At yoobox we think that a lockable key cabinet or secure key management solutions in general, are one of the most important steps to better security in companies and at home. Today we therefore offer vast range of key storage and key management products .

    Our widest range of key cabinets is however filled with study unrated or rated wall-mounted key safes in various sizes and designs, with different locking systems, meaning everything form manual key locks, to mechanic or battery driven combination keypad code locks, or various combinations of these.