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  • YOOBOX Freestanding Parcel Letterboxes standing matt grey

    A Parcel letterbox where your packages fit? Place this Hanover parcel mailbox from YOOBOX in your front yard. The standing letterbox made of metal in the color matt gray fits both letters and parcels. So you can continue to order parcels with confidence, without having to make a detour to the post office or another collection point. The standing letterbox has an entry opening of 34 centimeters along the front and is supplied with 2 keys and mounting material.

    Buy free-standing Parcel letterbox at YOOBOX

    More and more often we receive large packages through the letterbox. Therefore, it is better to buy a sufficiently large letterbox that immediately meets the new deliveries. Today it is not only letters that we receive, but also small and large boxes when shopping online. Discover important tips below that will help you quickly find the right Parcel letterbox.

    Large, free-standing letterbox

    It is mandatory to place all mailboxes visibly on the edge of the public road, including a free-standing mailbox. Your house number plate must be clearly legible from the street side. Certainly when you anchor the mailbox in the ground, it is important to buy a parcel mailbox that is sufficiently large.

    What kind of Parcel mailbox?

    In the webshop you can freely choose the material of your letterbox, because all finishes are resistant to the harsh weather conditions. To enjoy lifelong enjoyment, you buy stainless steel as the most durable iron and it is also much stronger than aluminum. For the carrying capacity of the packages, you will therefore mainly find stainless steel models with the large, standing mailboxes. It is best to anchor a natural stone or bluestone letterbox in the ground with concrete.

    Note the Parcel letterbox flap

    If there is a strong wind, you do not want the letterbox flap to always slam shut with a lot of noise. It is therefore smart to buy a letterbox where the flap ensures that no one can access your mail without a key and the edges of the slot are finished with rubber strips. This way you protect yourself against theft and you will not be hindered by a loudly slamming valve. In addition, the rubber edges are safe for the postman to insert the letters and parcels into the slot.