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    Here you can read about letter mailboxes and what you can think of to get your mail delivered in a good way.

    You make it easier for the postman if you have a letter mailbox that is correctly placed and designed. Then the mail can be distributed in a good working environment to the right recipient in an efficient way. You as the recipient / property owner are responsible for setting up, moving and marking the mailbox and making sure that it is easy to reach for the postman.

    Placement of mailbox Set up a new one or move a mailbox

    If you want to move a mailbox or set up a new one, you need to check the location with PostNord. Contact our customer service to get in touch with the local dividend office. Moving or setting up a drawer without adjusting the placement may result in your mail not being distributed. It is always you as a mail recipient or property owner who is responsible for setting up, moving and marking your mailbox.

    In an urban area letter mailbox

    If you live in a residential or terraced house area in an urban area, the mailbox should primarily be placed in a box collection or at the respective property's plot boundary according to the postman's route. A drawer collection consists of several mailboxes that are collected in the same place. The postman's route is planned by PostNord.

    The box collection / mailbox should sit on the outside of the fence, hedge or similar with the mailbox opening facing the street so that it is easy to reach for the postman. It is also important to place the collection / box so that it is safe to drive. The postman must be able to put mail in the box without getting out of his vehicle, and it must be possible to turn around smoothly and safely.

    Outside urban area the letter postbox

    Outside urban areas, the mailbox should usually be in a box collection along the postman's route. The distance between the box collections must be at least 200 meters. Here, too, it is important that the box collection / mailbox is placed so that the postman can easily access it and can stop and turn in a traffic-safe manner. The postman's route is planned by PostNord.

    Good to keep in mind when choosing a postlbox

    The mailbox should sit with the opening 90–110 cm above the ground and face the road, for example on a pole or on the outside of a fence or a hedge.

    We recommend a mailbox with dimensions at least 250 mm wide, 130 mm deep and 340 mm high. Then the postman can distribute most types of items directly in your box.

    Mark the mailbox clearly with the name and address on a sign that is at least 200 mm x 25 mm.

    Place the mailbox where it is safe for the postman to stop.

    It should be easy to reach the mailbox

    It is the property owner, alternatively you as the mail recipient, who is responsible for shoveling away snow and keeping away bushes and trees so that the postman can reach the mailbox from his vehicle. It must be possible to distribute mail free of obstacles that require some form of handling, such as barriers and gates. If the postman does not access your mailbox, the mail will not be delivered. It is then stored in the postman's office and the postman makes a new attempt at the next dividend trip.