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  • A manufacturer of metal HANGING MAILBOXES

    YOOBOX will design any intercom or video intercom integrated with a mailbox for multi-family and individual housing. We offer mailboxes according to the customer's idea. We are able to create a letterbox model tailored to your needs. We will make non-standard letterboxes according to your idea. We will implement such a solution so that you are satisfied.

    In individual tabs, we present the categories of mailboxes that we offer to our clients. Standard mailboxes are also available in stock. Please contact us to determine the availability of the selected model.

  • Pass-through mailboxes, hanging letterboxes, flush-mounted mailboxes meet the European EU standards (PN-EN13724)

    Mailboxes with a video intercom system camera

    Integration of the box with the video intercom camera,

    Realization of non-standard dimensions of panels, various colors of boxes (RAL palette)

    Mailboxes with inscription, e.g. street and house number or company name, surname

    Building in an atypical intercom or video intercom

    Built-in code lock.

    Mailbox with intercom function

    Letter boxes for one user, integrated with the intercom

    Box panels in anodized aluminum or stainless steel.

    W mounted intercom module with 1, 2 or 3 buttons, cooperating with the electronics of intercoms 3 + n, 4 + n.

    How to understand the definitions of "3 + n, 4 + n" systems

    post box for walling in, pass-through post box with intercom

    Mailboxes for bricklaying (without intercom)

    Mailboxes to be built into the partition - The structure of the mailbox consists of a set of box modules connected to a front panel made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum.

    Small drop boxes, 250 mm wide - letter boxes without an intercom and with an intercom (drawer width 250 mm)

    Letter boxes can be integrated with the intercom or video intercom module, as well as boxes with a front panel with thermal insulation.

    Custom-made mailboxes according to individual arrangements (number of drop holes, size, dimensions, color, requirements for intercom or video intercom)

  • Flush-mounted mailboxes and boxes for hanging on the fence

  • Letter boxes for hanging, rear or front opening

    Mailboxes for 1 or 2 users, standalone or integrated with an intercom and video intercom

    Wall-hung post boxes with an intercom module


    Stainless steel letter boxes are weather and corrosion resistant. Letter boxes are perfect for single-family housing, for installation in a wall or fence. The mailbox slot (A4 and C4) is secured with a flap that protects the content of the mail against damage. The mailbox panels are made of stainless steel (2 mm thick) in a glossy, polished or powder coated version in accordance with the RAL palette, as well as of anodized aluminum (3 mm thick) in silver, black and olive green.

    Anodizing is used for anticorrosive and mechanical protection of metal surfaces and for decorative purposes - anodized aluminum alloys obtain a characteristic texture. By dyeing, indelible color coatings can be obtained.

    We offer:

    mailboxes / mailboxes

    mailboxes / mailboxes with camera

    mailboxes / mailboxes with combination lock

    letterbox / mailbox with intercom

    letter boxes / pass-through mailboxes

    flush-mounted mailboxes / mailboxes

    multi-family mailboxes / mailboxes

    one drop mailbox / mailbox

    letterboxes / postal boxes to be built in

    wall-mounted letterboxes / mailboxes

    letterboxes / forwarding mailboxes

    letterboxes / free-standing mailboxes