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  • letterbox Stainless Steel flush-mount

    The letterbox stainless steel is the perfect solution when you need a lot of space in a small space.With a total size of 350×550 (WxH) it fits perfectly into your house facade.

    postboxes Stainless Steel Quality as usual

    As with all our letterbox and bell systems, only high-quality material comes into question. The front panel is made of 2mm thick powder-coated stainless steel in RAL7016 and the flush-mount box is also made of robust 1.25mm thick stainless steel.

    A 100mm deep box is supplied as standard. Optionally you can also choose a 150mm deep one.

    On the back of the front panel there is a rubber seal, which presses firmly against your house wall during installation and protects the inside of your letterbox system against any external influences.

    The letterbox of the letterbox anthracite is 240x55mm (WxH). Larger letters or newspapers can also be inserted lengthwise here.

    The mail is taken out via the removal door located directly under the access flap. The 240x300mm (WxH) lockable removal door allows letters and newspapers to be removed quickly and easily.

    We deliver 2 keys with each letterbox system as standard.

    Stainless Steel letterbox made of South Australia Greenacres