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Yoobox BG010
Yoobox BG010 Yoobox BG010 Yoobox BG010

Yoobox BG010 parcel drop box for mail and parcel

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    Material:sheet with powder coating

    Packing:Bubble bag anti-fall foam corner exit box

    Product size: 750*410*220mm

    Packing size: 800*460*280mm.

    put carton big szie :300*180*180mm

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    YOOBOX BG 010 is Outdoor security lockable parcel drop mailbox for mail and parcel.We have many different models to choose from. Best-selling parcel mailboxes come from YOOBOX, which maintains high quality, generous warranty time and fairly low price. YOOBOX manufactures parcel mailboxes in stainless and powder-coated steel. Most  parcel mailboxes have a knob  lock, a fairly appreciated solution, as you do not need a key to empty the mailbox. If you go away for several days, then you lock the box.

    Parcel mailbox is safe. Packages left in the box are protected by a mechanism, which means that unauthorized persons cannot stop by hand and pick up the contents.

    YOOBOX is not just an ordinary parcel mailbox. YOOBOX offers a sustainable solution for receiving and even sending your packages. All boxes are made of high quality 1.2 mm galvanized sheet steel, autogenously welded and very durable powder coated with industrial specification, resistant to all weather conditions. YOOBOX is vandal-proof and has an extremely secure locking system.

    Product size 750*410*220mm

    Packing size  800*460*280mm