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  • Get your time back! Leave the parcel delivery to someone you can trust - the YOOBOX commercial parcel drop boxes!

    With a parcel box from YOOBOX, you take your parcel delivery into your own hands! The YOOBOX parcel drop boxes with SESAM inside accepts your parcels for you in your absence and you can shop online carefree and enjoy your free time without worrying about the parcel delivery.

    Save yourself the hassle of searching for your parcel, waiting for the parcel carrier or long journeys and waiting times to pick up a parcel. With a parcel drop box from YOOBOX you always know where your parcel is - wherever you want!
    The parcel boxes are fully assembled and supplied with 4 x D batteries and fastening material. When ordering the letter module, newspaper module and / or bell module together with the parcel box, we mount the modules on the basic box.

  • Powder coatings based on polyester resins

    The powder coatings are characterized by their light and weather resistance. Even with strong temperature fluctuations, the powder coatings remain stable and have good mechanical properties, such as high impact resistance. This makes them particularly suitable for outdoor use, but also for numerous indoor applications. The powder coatings used are solvent-free and contain no heavy metals (REACH and RoHS compliant) and are therefore environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    Powder coatings based on epoxy resins

    Powder coatings based on epoxy resins are characterized by very good anti-corrosion properties, chemical resistance and good mechanical properties. Due to their low UV resistance, epoxy resin powder coatings are ideally suited for indoor use. The powder coatings used are solvent-free and contain no heavy metals (REACH and RoHS compliant) and are therefore environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    Cleaning and care of coated surfaces

    The best way to clean powder-coated surfaces is to wipe them regularly with a solution of warm water and a non-abrasive, PH neutral cleaner. The surfaces should be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge, preferably with a brush made of soft natural bristles. The cleaning of the powder-coated parts can be done with a glass cleaner. Simple, regular cleaning reduces the effects of weathering and removes dirt, grime and other debris harmful to all powder coatings.

    When choosing the household product that you want to use to clean your product, look for specific ingredients. Acid-containing, oxide-dissolving, acetone-containing, probylencarbonate-containing or mechanically acting cleaning agents must not be used as they attack the surface. Under no circumstances may steel wool, steel brushes or the like be used during cleaning, since such aids will damage the protective surface and allow the formation of extraneous rust through abrasion.

    Cleaning and care of stainless steel

    Environmental influences can affect the stainless steel surface. We therefore recommend cleaning with a conventional glass or stainless steel cleaner from time to time. To prevent corrosion damage, dust deposits from other metals (e.g. steel, brass, ect.) Must be removed immediately. Likewise, contact with these metals should be avoided. Only use stainless steel screws when mounting!