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  • mini Safe box

    ITEM: YOOBOX SF004 safe box secure digit

    lock:round Password lock

    material/ thickness/:steel powder coating 


    DIMENSION: 280*230*230

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  • Specification
  • Function of #Yoobox safe box:

    1、Placement of Important Documents and Valuables.If contract, contract, birth certificate, certificate of academic record, house property, notarial certificate, avoid because of disorderly placement and need can not be found.

    ⒉ Place a small amount of emergency or reserve cash, commemorative coins, valuable collections or very personal articles, stamps, coins, antiques, jewelry, jewelry, gold watches, etc.

    3、 Place personal items, special personal items, and keep them out of sight of others.

    4、Put items, medicines, dangerous goods (such as guns) and adult items that are not suitable for children.

    5、The unlockable trend of modern home decoration and the increasing frequency of social life make it more necessary for families to hire foreign workers frequently.