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  • If you have a regular mailbox today, you probably also know that it is not up to you to decide where it should be located. The requirements for the location of your mailbox are

    defined in the Postal Act.

    This is not the case with parcel mailboxes. At least not yet. This means that if you choose a parcel mailbox from YOOBOX, you have full freedom to decide where you want to place your mailbox.

    You decide

    This freedom allows you, for example, to place your parcel mailbox in the carport. By placing it here, you never risk getting wet when you go out to check if

    packages have arrived. Maybe you think it does not mean much, but when the rain comes down and you have to empty your mailbox, you will probably appreciate it.

    Another option is to choose a location right by your front door. It may well be an advantage if you choose a larger model for the slightly larger packages. For then everything else just

    do not carry them so far when you need to have them into the house.

    The considerations can be many and very different. The point is that if you choose one of YOOBOX's parcel mailboxes, you are in control of where it should be. However, you must be aware

    that if you have a parcel mailbox that you use to receive both ordinary mail and parcels, it must be out by the road or at the boundary. That's what the law says.

    Let the mailbox match you

    When you thus within a wide framework have the freedom to decide where your parcel mailbox should be, you also have every opportunity to decide how it should look and in general

    match your home.

    Parcel mailboxes from YOOBOX are not only available in a wide range of different sizes. They are also available in several different colors. And there is definitely also one that fits the look

    you want to create around your home.

    Gone are the days when the mailbox was something you had because you had to, and where you did not put much thought into how it should look and work. The parcel mailboxes of the future

    meet a much more everyday need, are far more practically usable and thus also become a much more integrated part of the environment around your home.