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digit electron safe box
  • Digit electron safe box


    lock:Inductive password lock

    Packing:plastic bag +carton

    Product size: 250*350*250mm

    Packing size: 270*370*270mm

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  • Specification
  • The fire safe , as the name suggests, is especially suitable when fire protection is the crucial factor to consider in choosing the safe. For example, digital data and paper documents are protected inside the safe. High quality refractory material is available in different levels of security, from basic protection to certified protection for up to 120 minutes in case of fire. There is something for every need!

    Yoobox safes are available in different levels of security, classes and resistance lines. The selection is excellent. Safes are made of anti-burglary and fireproof material and ensure the safe storage of contents, such as valuables or documents. Whatever is kept in safes is protected from fire and thieves!


A: what material for safe boxes?

Q: galvanized steel powder coating

A: what delivery for order?

Q: Delivery day 25 day for a container

A: Product accessories include:

Q: ,password lock ,assembly screws .

A: what certification for factory?