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  • Interior and exterior steel mailboxes

    One of the first criteria used to classify the mailboxes of communities of owners, is whether they are manufactured for placement Interior and exterior .

    They have a cover on the front mouth of the mailbox that protects its interior , a visor that isolates the body of the mailbox from the outside.

    They can be placed inside and outside the houses , protected with an enclosure around it or embedded in the wall.

    This class of mailboxes are made of corrosion-resistant materials :

    aluminum , stainless steel , galvanized steel or electro- galvanized sheet steel . In any case, it is always recommended to install mailboxes in places covered or sheltered from the rain; If this is not possible, the best option when installing a mailbox outside is the choice of aluminum as it is the material with the highest corrosion resistance.

    Mailboxes that have a resistance to water penetration : they must be prepared for installation in coastal, industrial or high humidity areas . The European Standard UNE EN 13724 says that outdoor mailboxes must pass a rain test in which, for 10 minutes, the mailboxes are exposed to a water flow of 16 liters and the volume of water penetrated must not exceed 1 cubic cm .

    They are vandal-proof mailboxes :

    They provide security against theft, including a security ramp at the mouth of the anti / theft mailbox , which makes it difficult for the hand to enter through the mouth. Sloped up on horizontal mailboxes and down on vertical mailboxes.


    The grouped outdoor mailboxes are mailboxes with a horizontal format in which their depth can vary from 25 to 38 cm. They allow grouping a large number of mailboxes while occupying a small area . They can be installed in 3 ways:

    Recessed in the wall - Inside a hole and with a complement of perimeter flashing to match the mailboxes, it makes the union of mailboxes and the wall more harmonious.

    Fixed to the wall - Mailboxes with an envelope of around 5 pieces to make the grouping completely watertight, and hung from the wall where they are installed.

    With supports to the ground - Mailboxes that also have the envelope around 5 pieces and the grouping of the mailboxes is installed with supports that are screwed or buried in the ground.